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Commercial Design

In Commercial interior design we at nine - the design studio make strong design statements which connect with the companies brand image. Since Every Commercial, Retail and Public space is a community in which each component is an opportunity to connect with people. Using an integrated approach that affects everything from strategic positioning to tenant planning as also environmental graphics, we shape unique influences into rich customer experiences at every turn.

Nine - The Design Studio is one of the Top rated Firms in Porbandar and India in the Commercial Interiors Segment for more than 5 years and going. Our modern approach to interior and architecture is also inspired by age old wisdom contained in Vaastu and Fengshui, helping us coordinate elements of interiors and exteriors with personality of occupants and their nature of occupation.

Our forte is our ability to translate concept to reality in a solid, workable, cost effective way while safeguarding quality of building's interior. In a no-compromise approach, we ensure critical features are unaffected while factoring in visual looks, materials used and use of space while maintaining budgets. It is this minute attention to detail that gives us our well earned reputation for being the finest services in luxury interior design.

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